History of Emery Bikes

AREVO, a company based in Silicon Valley that specializes in composite 3D printing, became the talk of the town when it printed what was referred to as the premier 3D printed commuter bike in the world. The use case, done in collaboration with Studio West, showed the capacity of AREVO to move from design to production. The 3D printed composite bike was manufactured in less than eighteen days, greatly reducing the amount of time it takes to create a new bike frame.

When AREVO was started in 2014, the company started by starting a wide variety of carbon nanotubes and carbon fiber materials for the goal of composite support. The carbon nanotubes launched by AREVO were said to be tougher than steel and could be used as reinforcement to the 3D array of plastics by AREVO. This is often said to have influenced the company’s entry into bike making. Later, Khosla Ventures, a venture capital company provided AREVO with seven million dollars enabling the expansion of the company. Following AREVO’s expansion, the company started developing lightweight and strong composite parts to be used for production purposes. AREVO raised an additional $12.5 million from Asahi Glass, and this funding was crucial in the initial plans of the company to print 3D bikes. Using its exclusive multi-axis RAM program and registered generative design techniques, AREVO began printing 3D bicycle frames for Franco Bicycles of California. The bikes produced under this partnership were marketed using the brand “Emery Bikes.” The bike’s universal-body carbon fiber frames were built using AREVO’s 3D printing technology known as DED and were later blended into the range of Emery bikes.

This particular application by AREVO caught on and the company’s AM composites platform is currently being used to manufacture a set of e-bikes for Franco Bicycles. This collaboration saw AREVO manufacture the world’s first continuous carbon fiber single-piece 3D printed unibody frame for Emory eBikes for Franco Bicycles.

Emery believes that life is sparked by movement, that’s why it delivers transformational and innovative e-mobility products that make your daily life more convenient. Emery’s first product was an electric adventure bicycle known as Emery One that’s ready to tackle any terrain or road. To mark the beginning of the partnership, Franco Bicycles and AREVO presented the Emery 1 eBike at the Sea Otter Classic cycling event held in Monterey, California. AREVO DNA, the composite 3D printing platform of AREVO, is unlike any other in the AM industry. One of its unique features is the free-motion robotics system with authentic 3D construction. AREVO DNA also uses a patented software that allows a direct void-free energy deposition technique designed to make optimal use of anisotropic composite materials, and also allows generative design techniques.

How Emery Bikes are Constructed

The unibody bike frame of Emery One is made using this unique technology. By printing the bike frame as one unit, instead of the traditional method of gluing different composite materials together, the Emery eBike is able to achieve superior stability and structural integrity. In addition to the superior performance, the 3D printed bike frames used on Emery bikes also significantly reduces the costs of production.

Similar to the premier 3D printed bicycle by AREVO, Emery One’s development was significantly faster than traditional manufacturing and development lead times for bikes. In this case, the technology reduced the time between design and final production from 18 months to a few days.

The technology’s flexible and iterative design represents a change in composites manufacturing and Emery bikes are leading this revolution. The continuous carbon fiber technology used in Emery bikes has been instrumental in boosting the performance and ride quality of the eBikes. Not only do the Emery bikes have a composite frame, but they also come with Bosch’s eBike drivetrain which offers an electric pedal-assist of up to 28 miles per hour.

In addition to the advantages of the cycling industry, AREVO’s AM technology will also positively impact other industries due to its unique capabilities. The capabilities include a higher degree of freedom for custom products, localized manufacturing, a fully automated production model, and an authentic serial volume manufacturing of composite parts.

The Emery One was launched in limited quantities. Pricing for the innovative 3D model started at $5,500. The 3d printed Emery bike featured an aerospace-quality carbon-fiber frame attached to a fully integrated battery of 500 Watt-hours and a 63 Nm Bosch motor. The manufacturing process of Emery One involved the optimization of each level of continuous carbon fiber in both performance and orientation for safety and performance requirements. The technology used in Emery One made producing fully customized eBikes possible on an on-demand basis leading to a greater degree of freedom in manufacturing.

The Emery bikes have set a new standard for high-performance bikes and are a major breakthrough for bike manufacturers. One of the breakthroughs achieved by Emery bikes is authentic serial, volume production of additive-manufacturing-made composite materials made using thermoplastics, which are durable, recyclable, and tougher, as compared to non-recyclable and brittle thermoset materials. Another breakthrough is that a fully-automated production model replaced the traditional labor-intensive manual process. Another breakthrough is great independence achieved through on-shoring or localized manufacturing. In addition, is the already mentioned design freedom to produce custom bikes on an on-demand basis, a phenomenon that AREVO refers to as DESIGN-PRINT-GO.

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Where Emery Stands Now

Emery bikes

The technology used in Emery bikes provides a new design paradigm and has completely transformed design and production. The technology enables producers to push design boundaries that did not seem possible before. The use of a single continuous carbon fiber 3D printed frame eliminates the need for welding or gluing to hold the individual parts together. This is important because the use of a single bike frame makes the Emery bikes extremely impact resistant. The thermoplastics also allow the Emery bikes to be lighter and faster. For many cyclists having a bike that is extremely tough and light at the same time is a dream come true. It is not often that you find both these qualities present in a bike. For example, before the launch of Emery bikes, race bikes used in the Olympics were light, but would crack or crash when pushed too hard. On the other hand, bikes that were built to be tough were not light.

Although other companies such as Urwahn Bikes of Germany have successfully printed 3D bike frames, most of the time these bikes have been manufactured in sections, prior to being welded or soldered together. The Emery bikes are produced as a single part, which makes their frames extremely strong and impact resistant. The Emery bike was created to offer the most useful of both worlds: lightness and strength.

As mentioned earlier, the technology used in the Emery bikes enables a significant degree of customization. Every frame can be individually designed based on eighteen accurate measurements, allowing a custom fit for bikers between 4’7” and 7’4”. What’s more, if you take into consideration the extra adjustable settings like stiffness level and ride position, the bike has more than half a million possible combinations. The Emery bikes can be customized to accommodate various styles of riding such as racing, touring, street, or gravel. It can also be customized to accommodate different colorways and wheel materials.

However, AREVO is not the first company to apply AM in the production of bicycles. Many other firms have also applied 3D printed technology in their bike frames. Renishaw, for example, collaborated with Hope Technology and Lotus, to produce a track bicycle for the UK’s Cycling Team. Using the RenAM 500 System by Renishaw, designers created a prototype and made final parts to boost the bicycle’s track ability. Similarly, in 2019, MX3D, a Robotic Additive Manufacturing technology developer produced an updated version of its 3D printed bike known as Arc Bike 2.

Since their launch, Emery bikes have become a hit with cycling enthusiasts and novices alike. Different people love Emery bikes for various reasons. Cycling enthusiasts, for example, love Emery bikes because of the design, performance, and durability. Emery bikes generally perform better than ordinary bikes, and bike enthusiasts prefer them for racing. But bike enthusiasts understand that a good bike is not all about speed — a good bike has to be durable. Since bikes sometimes have an impact on other objects, it is important to have a bike that is extremely impact resistant and does not get completely destroyed after a single impact. The single bike frame used in Emery bikes ensures that you never have to lose a night’s sleep worried about your bike. People also love the fact that emery bikes can be customized on-demand. Customization ensures that you get a bike that’s perfectly tailored to your needs and comfort. The Emery bike has also set the bar in terms of what a “high-performance bike” means and has inspired many other companies to follow suit and produce similar bikes. Whatever the future holds for Emery bikes, one thing is for certain: they have established a mark in the cycling world with indelible ink and will always be remembered as one of the leaders of 3D printed bikes.

Cycling is great for all ages


Some wonder whether cycling is a good form or exercise for seniors. Some will argue it leaves too much room for potential falls and injury. However, the truth is just like many other forms of exercise, when done properly, it’s perfectly safe. In fact, seniors make up 30% of all new riders.

Cycling can be an ideal low impact form of exercise for seniors. Cycling can be easier on your joints and muscles than running or jogging. It can have numerous other health benefits as well. Here are just a few of the health benefits cycling can have on seniors:

1. It’s good for your heart
2. Can aid in weight loss
3. Can help reduce your risk for cancer
4. Known to improve memory
5. Might help you live longer
6. A great social interaction

If you are interested in learning more about seniors and exercise click here.

10 Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

motorcycle gear

Without a doubt, riding a motorcycle is fun and adventurous since they are fast and fuel-efficient. There are those that are highly skilled in bike riding and prefer them over cars. Obviously, they weren’t born with those skills. They had to follow simple safety tips to reach this far they have come. For you to become an expert or even more, you must ensure that you understand and obey these tips before you attempt to ride a motorcycle.
1. Take a Course in Riding a Motorcycle
Most people have the perspective that one does not need to take a course. They prefer being taught by another skilled rider. Well, this gives you a disadvantage since you will not be able to acquire the skills that the rider acquired from taking a course. Taking a course will equip you with the skills and advanced techniques necessary to handle unexpected circumstances that could arise. You also learn and understand the rules of the road.
2. Proper Purchase
There are different motorcycles, each with different features. It is recommended that before you purchase one, check to be sure that you can comfortably handle the power and everything that comes with it. Avoid buying the wrong motorcycle as it will be a waste of money and time.
3. Always Wear a Motorcycle Gear
When riding a motorcycle, shorts, jeans and sandals are not the appropriate wear. One is required to put on a leather jacket with leather sturdy pants, a DOT approved helmet that is well-fitting, non-slip gloves, goggles if your helmet lacks a face shield, and over the ankle boots. All these play a key role to protect you against injuries and road crashes in case you slip.
4. Regular Inspection of Motorcycle
It is very important that you inspect your motorcycle before you take it for a ride. Ensure that your brakes, handlebars, side mirrors, horn, headlights, tire pressure, taillights, turn signals, oil, and fuel are in perfect condition. Where you notice any malfunction, have it repaired for your safety.
5. Always Check the Weather
Riding during a bright, colorful day gives you an enjoyable feeling. What’s worse is going out for a ride on either rainy, snowy, or icy weather. At this time, a rider is always at a high risk of slipping or causing an accident. This is because they have half the stability a car has and worse, they lack a windshield.
6. Obey Traffic Rules
Traffic rules are here to protect us while we are on the roads. Apparently, most accidents on our roads are due to ignorance and arrogance. You must always obey traffic rules, most especially at intersections and road junctions. Use the posted speed limits, and use signals at all times.
7. Concentration
Roads require a stable and sober mind. Don’t go riding any time you feel angry, distracted, or fear. You need to pay attention so that you can notice the road situation you’re riding on. It could be an earthen road with holes, a gravel road, a murrum, concrete, or a railroad. When your emotions and thoughts are elsewhere, you are likely to end up in an accident even dead.
8. Comfort
Avoid carrying more than one person per ride. This provides ample sitting space for both you and your customer to sit comfortably. You could also adjust your sitting posture if the journey is too long.
9. Do not Drink and Ride
Alcohol has been the cause of many accidents over the past few years. It makes you stagger meaning you won’t have the power to control your motorcycle. Instead, you will end up causing traffic, accidents, or killing someone. You must stay away from the roads every time you are drunk.
10. First Aid Kit
Most riders assume the necessity to have a first aid kit. In the real sense, you need to carry one with you. This could be of great assistance anytime you are involved in an accident before the main help comes.
Roads have every kind of people on them. So, it’s upon you as an individual to keep yourself safe at all times. To be on the safer side, know your limits as well as your bike’s limit.

Most Innovative Cycling Bikes in the Market Today

cycling bikes

Cycling is a fun activity and a wonderful way of exercising. Every day, the number of cyclists increases as new innovative ideas are put into action. Different models of bicycles are manufactured and released into the market frequently making the market stiff and competitive. In fact, it has become confusing to decide on the type of bike to buy. To cut short your worries here is are the five most innovative cycling bikes present in the market today.
1. Priority Bicycles
Priority bicycles are made in the US by an American Bicycle Manufacturing Company that was founded in 2012. These bicycles have low maintenance and they absolutely deliver. They are of unmatched quality with distinctive features such as the rust-free belt-drives which are superior to chain drives. Belt drives last longer, are easy to clean and maintain, and are smoother and quieter. Priority bicycles also have airless tires and an aluminum frame. The bike as a whole is water, rust, and puncture-proof.
2. Electra Bicycles
Electra bikes are made by the Electra Company that is a branch of the Trek Bicycle Company. It was founded in Vista, California in the year 1993. They design and sell hybrid and comfortable bicycles as they majorly focus on leisure rides. Their electric bikes ride well, look good, and last for a longer time because of their high-quality build. Due to their affordable nature and variety of choices, you can actually purchase one for your child. It doesn’t matter what size they are.
3. GT Bikes
GT bikes is a recognized and reliable company that designs and manufactures mountain, road, hybrid, cyclocross, and BMX bicycles. For the longest time in over 50 years, they have been firm in producing quality bicycles for the world. They believe they are the best in terms of quality and price. In fact, one GT bike, the Verbe Elite full-suspension mountain bike has been featured in their list of the best cheap mountain bikes.
4. Lever Bikes
This new model of a bicycle was invented by a Los Angeles resident, Rodger Parker. He probably might have been searching for a way to go back to the traditional approach of cycling in circles. He claims that a lever bike is mightier than a chain or belt drive bike. This bike has pedals mounted on levers that are attached to a connection at the back’s focal point. A rider simply has to push down the pedals to make the rear wheel turn. Rodger further says that the design of this bicycle allows riders to widely utilize the force of gravity as they deliver a greater amount of rotational force. Besides, this bike is said to be effortless to the knees, ankles, and hips.
5. Devinci Cycles
These are manufactured by the Devinci Cycles in Canada. Their brand of cycles stands top at being among the leaders in the global frame manufacturers. They make gravel, high-end roads, ultra-tough electric bikes as well as mountain bikes depending on your type of occasion. Other than the brand, these bikes have the best wheels and ride quality. Due to their nature, they are mainly spotted in races and among recreational cyclists since they sponsor top athletes.
Bicycles are fun to ride and a great source of leg and body muscles exercise. Due to the different types available in the market, for you to avoid buying the wrong one, conduct proper research on each model that interests you. For a start, go through the list above and you won’t be disappointed. Leave us your feedback and most definitely, we will get back to you.

Benefits of Cycling


Cycling is a wonderful activity that has a lot of positive impact on our bodies. It helps us maintain our physical and mental self in the recommended conditions. Some cycle for fun while others as a way of saving on time. Though most of us cycle because we see others do so, have a look at the 9 benefits cycling impacts on you.
1. Weight Control
For you to lose weight, you will need to get rid of more fat than the amount you consume on a daily basis. Regular cycling and at a high intensity greatly assist you to burn body fats, build your muscles, and increases your metabolic rate. The number of fats that you burn will depend on how much you enjoy and constantly engage in cycling. But, for you to lose weight effectively as you cycle steadily, you will have to eat a healthy meal.
2. Increased Cardiovascular Fitness
Cardiovascular diseases are such as heart attack, stroke, and blood pressure. Frequent cycling boosts and triggers your lungs, heart, and blood circulation increasing your cardiovascular fitness. The more you cycle, your heart muscles strengthen and your blood fat levels reduce which in turn lower your resting pulse.
3. Increases your Brain Capacity
We know that cycling increases cardiovascular fitness. This in turn leads to a resulting improvement in our brain capacity by a larger percentage. Cycling aids in building new cells in the neocortex, amygdala, and hippocampus regions of the brain responsible for memory. It also promotes a steady flow of oxygen and blood to the brain. These in turn regenerate brain receptors.
4. Improves Balance, Posture, and Coordination
As you age and become inactive, your body balance, posture, and coordination deteriorate. Cycling helps your body when you stabilize and strive to keep your bike upstanding. This way, you perfect your body in all these aspects. Improving your balance prevents unnecessary fractures caused by falling.
5. Promotes a Healthy Family Time
Cycling is a family activity that can be used as a bonding time after a day’s work. You could take your family around your area to help them acquire navigation skills and increase their spatial awareness. Because young ones follow what their parents do, a child in a family that cycles is most likely to grow up having the culture of cycling in them, which they can later pass to their families in the future. Since cycling favors the joints, the elderly can also tag along.
6. Promotes Leg Strength
As you cycle, you improve your overall lower body functions as you strengthen your leg muscles. Cycling targets your glutes, quads, calves, and hamstrings. A further way to boost your leg strength would be via squats, leg presses, and weightlifting regularly to improve your cycling skills.
7. Improves your Mental Health
Mental health illnesses are such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Through cycling, it becomes easier to manage them. This is evident because when you cycle, you concentrate on the road and become more aware of yourself. By doing so, you let off the mental stuff that weighs you down. So, anytime you feel that your world is crushing on you, take a bike and go for a ride. You will feel better within a short period of time.
8. Makes you Sleep Better
We can all agree that after a tiring day, you sleep more soundly and better for longer hours. Since you know that cycling engages your body fully as your muscles respire, you are bound to become tired and exhausted. As you retire to bed, your sleep will be long and sweet.
9. Reduces Risk of Cancer
Cycling greatly helps us keep fit. As we eat proper meals and exercise regularly, we burn down fats, calories, and other elements that otherwise, might cause us harm. Over time, researchers have investigated the relationship between cancer and exercise. They have proved that cycling reduces the chances of getting cancer of the breast, lungs, colon, and bowel.
Cycling is a choice and when you decide to do so, do it wholeheartedly and make it your daily activity. At the end of the day, you will be healthier, stronger, bright and most definitely you will have a perfect body physique.

5 Best Motorcycle Brands for Racing Enthusiasts

Motorcycle brands

Every rider has a reason behind it. Some would say they do so to get away, others to enjoy the tranquility the breeze offers while others enjoy the feeling of freedom riding brings. The reasons might be personal to some extent, regardless, you still love to ride. In case you’re thinking of a motorcycle brand to buy, one that will give you more than what you wanted, check out this list of five amazing brands, and surely you won’t be disappointed.
1. BMW
The BMW motorcycles are of different types. From the Sport. M 1000 RR to Roadster. R 1250 R to Heritage. R 18 Classic and to the R 1250 GS Adventure. Over time, they have proven to be durable and very reliable. They have one of the most peculiar designs among two-wheeled motors on the planet as they have had a clear head start when it comes to supremacy in the motorcycle label.

Because of their dominant nature, they have been used to act in Hollywood films such as the James Bond film that features the BMW R1200C. These motorcycles also participate in the Superbike World Championship and the Dakar rally (racing in cruel weather and landscape), where the BMW Motorrad has won 6 Dakar rally trophies. Through this, they have proven to have a solid engine which makes them the best global motorcycle brand ever.
2. Ducati
This company was established by Antonio Ducati and his sons in 1926. At first, their aim was to produce vacuum tubes, condensers, and other radio components. But over the years, the company has grown to be a prestigious motorcycle brand. Ducati motorcycles come from Ferrari’s competitor, Lamborghini, and are also shielded by the Audi organization. Currently, they produce a diversity of motorcycles that include Supersport, Superbike, Scrambler, Diavel, Multistrada, and the Hypermotard which have their own personality.

Ducati’s racing excellence is absolutely flawless as they have emerged top in the Superbike World Championship with 14 riders. This brand has also performed best in the Formula TT, British Superbike Championship, and the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup.
3. Kawasaki
Kawasaki Motors is part of a multinational corporation company, The Kawasaki Heavy Industries, that was established in 1896 and is very diverse. In 1949, Kawasaki industries separated their motorcycle division to form the KHI Motorcycle and Engine Division. So far, this brand has won 4 crowns in the 350cc class of the MotoGP and 4 others in Moto2. In addition, this brand has been successful in the Endurance and Superbike World Championships. Kawasaki manufactures sporty performance motorbikes like the Ninja ZX-series, well known for its low weight, ultra-narrow chassis, and radial brakes. Kawasaki motors are the best especially for a person who is passionate about racing.
4. Honda
Honda, best known for automobiles, is among the largest automobile manufactures in the world. Over the years, it has grown and created a name for itself. It produced its first motorcycle, the D-Type, in 1949, and 9 years later after a series of mass production, claimed the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer title.

In the 1980s, this company would manufacture at least 3 million bikes every year, evidence of how in-demand they were. Though in 2006, their production decreased to 500,000 units, they still produce higher than other Japanese brands. Just like their cars, their motorcycles come with sensitive, receptive handling as it assures you of a comfortable ride. They might be pricey than Suzuki and Yamaha, but they most definitely have value past their price tags.
5. Yamaha
Yamaha is one of the oldest automobile brands as it has been around since 1887. Its motorcycle department became independent in 1955 as the Yamaha Motor Company. These motorcycles are well known for their athletic features. To date, it is among the world’s best motorcycle brands as it has won 14 MotoGP Constructors World Championship and another 14 in the second series.

Having Genichi Kawakami as the steer, Yamaha motors launched 125 cc YA-1, a world-class and more furnished motorcycle that has passed the test of awesomeness and paved the way for entry into international racing competitions. From their affordable offers, you could get the kind of motorcycle you desire to have.
Get to explore the different brands of motorcycles there are for you to select the perfect one. Buy one that fits your budget and requirements then be sure to enjoy your ride for the longest possible time.