Emery’s design

How Emery Bikes are Constructed

The unibody bike frame of Emery One is made using this unique technology. By printing the bike frame as one unit, instead of the traditional method of gluing different composite materials together, the Emery eBike is able to achieve superior stability and structural integrity. In addition to the superior performance, the 3D printed bike frames used on Emery bikes also significantly reduces the costs of production.

Similar to the premier 3D printed bicycle by AREVO, Emery One’s development was significantly faster than traditional manufacturing and development lead times for bikes. In this case, the technology reduced the time between design and final production from 18 months to a few days.

The technology’s flexible and iterative design represents a change in composites manufacturing and Emery bikes are leading this revolution. The continuous carbon fiber technology used in Emery bikes has been instrumental in boosting the performance and ride quality of the eBikes. Not only do the Emery bikes have a composite frame, but they also come with Bosch’s eBike drivetrain which offers an electric pedal-assist of up to 28 miles per hour.

In addition to the advantages of the cycling industry, AREVO’s AM technology will also positively impact other industries due to its unique capabilities. The capabilities include a higher degree of freedom for custom products, localized manufacturing, a fully automated production model, and an authentic serial volume manufacturing of composite parts.

The Emery One was launched in limited quantities. Pricing for the innovative 3D model started at $5,500. The 3d printed Emery bike featured an aerospace-quality carbon-fiber frame attached to a fully integrated battery of 500 Watt-hours and a 63 Nm Bosch motor. The manufacturing process of Emery One involved the optimization of each level of continuous carbon fiber in both performance and orientation for safety and performance requirements. The technology used in Emery One made producing fully customized eBikes possible on an on-demand basis leading to a greater degree of freedom in manufacturing.

The Emery bikes have set a new standard for high-performance bikes and are a major breakthrough for bike manufacturers. One of the breakthroughs achieved by Emery bikes is authentic serial, volume production of additive-manufacturing-made composite materials made using thermoplastics, which are durable, recyclable, and tougher, as compared to non-recyclable and brittle thermoset materials. Another breakthrough is that a fully-automated production model replaced the traditional labor-intensive manual process. Another breakthrough is great independence achieved through on-shoring or localized manufacturing. In addition, is the already mentioned design freedom to produce custom bikes on an on-demand basis, a phenomenon that AREVO refers to as DESIGN-PRINT-GO.

Post written by Jackson Steeves. Jackson is a jack of all trades, with previously published works on topics as varied as motorcycles to Nationwide Care Matters II policies. If it needs to be written, Jackson is the guy!