Motorcycle safety tips

10 Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

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Without a doubt, riding a motorcycle is fun and adventurous since they are fast and fuel-efficient. There are those that are highly skilled in bike riding and prefer them over cars. Obviously, they weren’t born with those skills. They had to follow simple safety tips to reach this far they have come. For you to become an expert or even more, you must ensure that you understand and obey these tips before you attempt to ride a motorcycle.
1. Take a Course in Riding a Motorcycle
Most people have the perspective that one does not need to take a course. They prefer being taught by another skilled rider. Well, this gives you a disadvantage since you will not be able to acquire the skills that the rider acquired from taking a course. Taking a course will equip you with the skills and advanced techniques necessary to handle unexpected circumstances that could arise. You also learn and understand the rules of the road.
2. Proper Purchase
There are different motorcycles, each with different features. It is recommended that before you purchase one, check to be sure that you can comfortably handle the power and everything that comes with it. Avoid buying the wrong motorcycle as it will be a waste of money and time.
3. Always Wear a Motorcycle Gear
When riding a motorcycle, shorts, jeans and sandals are not the appropriate wear. One is required to put on a leather jacket with leather sturdy pants, a DOT approved helmet that is well-fitting, non-slip gloves, goggles if your helmet lacks a face shield, and over the ankle boots. All these play a key role to protect you against injuries and road crashes in case you slip.
4. Regular Inspection of Motorcycle
It is very important that you inspect your motorcycle before you take it for a ride. Ensure that your brakes, handlebars, side mirrors, horn, headlights, tire pressure, taillights, turn signals, oil, and fuel are in perfect condition. Where you notice any malfunction, have it repaired for your safety.
5. Always Check the Weather
Riding during a bright, colorful day gives you an enjoyable feeling. What’s worse is going out for a ride on either rainy, snowy, or icy weather. At this time, a rider is always at a high risk of slipping or causing an accident. This is because they have half the stability a car has and worse, they lack a windshield.
6. Obey Traffic Rules
Traffic rules are here to protect us while we are on the roads. Apparently, most accidents on our roads are due to ignorance and arrogance. You must always obey traffic rules, most especially at intersections and road junctions. Use the posted speed limits, and use signals at all times.
7. Concentration
Roads require a stable and sober mind. Don’t go riding any time you feel angry, distracted, or fear. You need to pay attention so that you can notice the road situation you’re riding on. It could be an earthen road with holes, a gravel road, a murrum, concrete, or a railroad. When your emotions and thoughts are elsewhere, you are likely to end up in an accident even dead.
8. Comfort
Avoid carrying more than one person per ride. This provides ample sitting space for both you and your customer to sit comfortably. You could also adjust your sitting posture if the journey is too long.
9. Do not Drink and Ride
Alcohol has been the cause of many accidents over the past few years. It makes you stagger meaning you won’t have the power to control your motorcycle. Instead, you will end up causing traffic, accidents, or killing someone. You must stay away from the roads every time you are drunk.
10. First Aid Kit
Most riders assume the necessity to have a first aid kit. In the real sense, you need to carry one with you. This could be of great assistance anytime you are involved in an accident before the main help comes.
Roads have every kind of people on them. So, it’s upon you as an individual to keep yourself safe at all times. To be on the safer side, know your limits as well as your bike’s limit.