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Most Innovative Cycling Bikes in the Market Today

cycling bikes

Cycling is a fun activity and a wonderful way of exercising. Every day, the number of cyclists increases as new innovative ideas are put into action. Different models of bicycles are manufactured and released into the market frequently making the market stiff and competitive. In fact, it has become confusing to decide on the type of bike to buy. To cut short your worries here is are the five most innovative cycling bikes present in the market today.
1. Priority Bicycles
Priority bicycles are made in the US by an American Bicycle Manufacturing Company that was founded in 2012. These bicycles have low maintenance and they absolutely deliver. They are of unmatched quality with distinctive features such as the rust-free belt-drives which are superior to chain drives. Belt drives last longer, are easy to clean and maintain, and are smoother and quieter. Priority bicycles also have airless tires and an aluminum frame. The bike as a whole is water, rust, and puncture-proof.
2. Electra Bicycles
Electra bikes are made by the Electra Company that is a branch of the Trek Bicycle Company. It was founded in Vista, California in the year 1993. They design and sell hybrid and comfortable bicycles as they majorly focus on leisure rides. Their electric bikes ride well, look good, and last for a longer time because of their high-quality build. Due to their affordable nature and variety of choices, you can actually purchase one for your child. It doesn’t matter what size they are.
3. GT Bikes
GT bikes is a recognized and reliable company that designs and manufactures mountain, road, hybrid, cyclocross, and BMX bicycles. For the longest time in over 50 years, they have been firm in producing quality bicycles for the world. They believe they are the best in terms of quality and price. In fact, one GT bike, the Verbe Elite full-suspension mountain bike has been featured in their list of the best cheap mountain bikes.
4. Lever Bikes
This new model of a bicycle was invented by a Los Angeles resident, Rodger Parker. He probably might have been searching for a way to go back to the traditional approach of cycling in circles. He claims that a lever bike is mightier than a chain or belt drive bike. This bike has pedals mounted on levers that are attached to a connection at the back’s focal point. A rider simply has to push down the pedals to make the rear wheel turn. Rodger further says that the design of this bicycle allows riders to widely utilize the force of gravity as they deliver a greater amount of rotational force. Besides, this bike is said to be effortless to the knees, ankles, and hips.
5. Devinci Cycles
These are manufactured by the Devinci Cycles in Canada. Their brand of cycles stands top at being among the leaders in the global frame manufacturers. They make gravel, high-end roads, ultra-tough electric bikes as well as mountain bikes depending on your type of occasion. Other than the brand, these bikes have the best wheels and ride quality. Due to their nature, they are mainly spotted in races and among recreational cyclists since they sponsor top athletes.
Bicycles are fun to ride and a great source of leg and body muscles exercise. Due to the different types available in the market, for you to avoid buying the wrong one, conduct proper research on each model that interests you. For a start, go through the list above and you won’t be disappointed. Leave us your feedback and most definitely, we will get back to you.